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Updated: 26 min 34 sec ago

Can Roamio find my movies purchased from Google?

3 hours 3 min ago

I have about 12 movies I've purchased from Google. They show up in my youtube (they are buried under purchased).

Is there anyway for Roamio to find them? I can manually go there but there's enough there that I don't always remember what's there.


History problem

3 hours 39 min ago
When set to show all, my History list (under Manage Recordings & OnePass) is cluttered with WishList shows that haven't recorded because those particular WishLists are not set on auto-record. The History also shows OnePass shows that haven't recorded because they're on a different channel from the one specified in the OnePass.

Is there a way to prevent this? Or is this a bug?

Cableco branded TiVo?

4 hours 31 min ago
I was in a thrift store (Goodwill Computerworks of Austin) and saw a TiVo Premiere, 750 GB for $40.

That's a pretty good price I think (as long as it's working). The only problem is that it was branded with "Suddenlink", a cable company in Austin. I mean really branded - the logo was embedded into the front fascia.

There were no stickers on the unit that said "PROPERTY OF CABLE COMPANY, FBI VANS WILL EMERGE IF STOLEN", etc, etc, but I decided to pass up on it anyway. It did have a barcode on the bottom that looked like it might be some kind of an asset tag.

My question is, are there Cableco's leasing these things or what?

iZombie - "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?" - 3/24/2015

5 hours 52 min ago
I am really enjoying this show! :up:

Admittedly, this type of show is right up my alley. I love all things zombie, and don't hate a little bit of the teenybopper storylines - although it is an awful lot like Buffy. I could go for more differentiation between this and Buffy. I've already watched that show. Know what I mean? And, I kind of hate the intro - reminds of that horrible Scorpion one where they have to explain everything...

They're doing a great job of encompassing the little nuances from the original brain owner and it was fun to meet another zombie, who might not be as good of a person as he is trying to portray himself. That should bring a lot more interesting tie-ins as some of his victims are surely going to turn up in the morgue.

Roamio Compatible 6TB WD Drives

6 hours 15 min ago
I've been reading a lot of posts in the forum and I see a lot of conflicting information about using 6TB drives with Roamio that looks like it might be outdated. Can I get a recent update on which of the following three drives are confirm to work (or not work) with a TiVo Roamio without any special formatting/set up:
  • WD Red 6TB (Model WD60EFRX)
  • WD Purple 6TB (Model WD60PURX)
  • WD Green 6TB (Model WD60EZRX)

By confirmed working without any special set up, I mean you stick the drive directly into the TiVo Roamio without needing any formatting on a computer. Any one use any of these and it work without issue? Also, not really looking for a comparison of which one is best (since that is highly subjective), just want to know which ones, if any, that I stick into a Roamio will not work (or stop functioning within a short time) and which ones will be fine.

Can't Watch Live TV Now

6 hours 53 min ago
On occasion, I get the following pop-up message on my Mini which uses a tuner from a Roamio Plus:

Can't Watch Live TV Now

Live TV is temporarily unavailable because the DVR Roamio is using a setting that requires all tuners. Once the DVR has finished, you will be able to watch live TV again.

OK, go back to TiVo Central
Watch a recording instead

The Plus has 6 tuners! I've checked with the info button and there is generally no more than one or two recordings at the same time.

Is there a setting I am unaware of that would cause this?

Generally a Roamio Reset will fix the problem. I have had this happen two or three times since the beginning of the year. I don't recall it happening before that.

New Tivo Roamio causing eye strain

7 hours 34 min ago
Wondering if anyone can solve this mystery.

My trusty Tivo HD was finally rebooting enough or me to upgrade to a Roamio. So I order it and a Mini for my second TV.

I plug the Roamio in, and after watching it, start getting eye strain headaches, the muscles around my eyes feel tired and sore. I had none of these symptoms using the Tivo HD. I am using the same television, the exact same video settings, same cable card, even the same HDMI cable, the only difference is the Tivo unit. It is much worse when streaming content, not as bad when watching live TV, and the Tivo menu's don't seem to be causing it to much, if at all. Given that a Tivo Mini handles everything through streaming, I haven't even unboxed it to test it out, I'm pretty sure it will trigger the same issue.

This is not unprecedented for me, I had previously tried a Roku stick on a TV that caused me zero problems, yet got the same eye strain issues when I watched anything on the Roku stick. Apparently the TV has the ability to generate an image that bothers me, but only certain hardware actually causes it to do so.

Does anyone know the difference in the video card output used in the Tivo HD vs the Roamio? I tried messing with video settings on the TV, no real difference, I couldn't find any video settings on the Roamio that I could use t change the display. This occasionally happened with some content on the HD, Amazon On Demand HD content would trigger me, but SD content would not. YouTube videos on the HD dod not trigger me, Youtube videos on the Roamio do. YouTube videos on the TV itself (It's a panasonic Smart TV so it has the exact same YouTube app that the Roamio has) do not trigger me, I even tried the same video on both devices, TV fine, Roamio triggered. I was also triggered watching videos transferred/streamed from pyTivo, even when ffmpeg was doing no transcoding at all.

It's mostly academic since I ordered a replacement drive from weaknees and am going to return the Roamio and Mini, but it is quite the (painful) mystery, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Upgrading Roamio with WD60PURX

7 hours 49 min ago
Long time TiVo user, last upgrade I did was back in the Series 3 days. From what I understand Roamio is a heck of a lot easier than the older models to update the hardrive. Three questions for the community:

1) Is the WD Purple 6TB (model WD60PURX) compatible with Tivo Roamio Plus/Pro models? Do I need a specific version/firmware? I remember for some TiVos and HDs, only certain firmware for certain models worked.

2) Is there any difference between Plus and Pro, besides the disk drive?

3) Is it really as easy as popping in a blank drive? Aka, there's no formatting/boot disks or anything? I just open the box, shove the drive in (delicately) and I'm done?

Login Grrrr!

8 hours 37 min ago
I just knew this would happen the first time I ran the new android app and saw it wanted to login every time. Today (a little after noon as I type this), I tried to start the app and it just times out trying to login. Nothing like not being able to get to your shows simply because the TiVo server is having a bad day...

4oD coming to TiVo?

9 hours 5 min ago
I have no idea what 4oD is, but apparently it is coming to TiVo. :)


Quote: Launching first for desktop and iOS devices, All 4 will eventually roll out to Android, TiVo, YouView and other connected services that currently feature 4oD apps. HD streams will not be available from launch, although we understand this will be added in future as All 4 rolls out to more platforms. Note: it is a little confusing, but this might just be for the UK market.

Video quality degradation: cable or TiVo?

9 hours 47 min ago
Sorry if this is a dopey question but my knowledge of video processing and decoding is virtually non-existent. So:

I am a Cablevision (Optimum) customer in the NY area. I currently have a TiVo Premier, with which I have had no problems (except for the occasional v52 error but that's another thread) and a 2013 Panasonic plasma TV. When watching both live and recorded shows, I occasionally notice some flaws in the picture: blocks of blurred pixels, color banding (not sure how else to describe it: for example, the sun is on the screen and instead of a smooth transition of colors moving outward there are distinct bands of color).

I am considering moving from CV to FIOS because I keep hearing about the vastly superior picture quality, which would (I hope) eliminate or reduce the picture flaws. My question, though is: are these flaws likely being introduced by the TiVo or is it more likely that the TV picture is coming in with the flaws already there? Is the TiVo doing some kind of compression and decompression that is degrading the picture? It's my understanding that even when watching live TV the TiVo is writing to disk and then reading from the disk to pass it along to the TV so I'm not surprised that I see the flaws in both live and recorded video.

I recognize that I am probably using bad terminology here and that it is impossible to diagnose picture issues based on my description. But I'm hoping that someone here has seen the same behavior or understands enough about how TiVo processes the video signals to tell me if it is even possible that the TiVo is the sources of the degradation.

Thanks, in advance!

How do I use Stream to get my shows on S5 and watch on plane?

11 hours 2 min ago
How do I take show with me using Tivo Steam and my Samsung S5 phone on Android?

I have everything working fine but can't figure how to get my show(s) stored locally on the S5.

Obviously, on a plane I won't have Wifi.

Please help. Thanks.

Using Stream this morning and the 30 second skip button suddenly disappeared, why?

11 hours 14 min ago
I am using Tivo Stream with my Samsung Tab 4 10.1" running Android.

There must have been a new update because I was watching a show while on my treadmill and I noticed the 30 second skip button is gone.

Without that button, it's much harder to skip past the commercials. You have to guess now by pushing the timeline but's not accurate at all.

Is there any way to get that 30 sec button back?

Larger external hard drive for Premiere XL

11 hours 19 min ago
Is there a larger Western Digital external hard drive that will work for the Premiere XL than the 1 TB My Book? I'm not keen to replace my failed one with the same model.

Roamio Basic - 2 MoCa's Stopped Working - No Lights

13 hours 12 min ago
I have a TiVo Basic with 2 Actiontec ECB200's MoCa adapters, one at the cable modem end and one at the TiVo, going to a tp-link 8-port switch, which fed Tivo, TV, Blu-Ray, Xbox and AV Receiver. It all worked just fine (2 green lights on) for a year. But this part week, no green lights, and no network. At the TiVo end, I removed the MoCa from the loop, went wireless with each box and it's running again without the MoCa. How do I test the MoCa adapters? Did one or both just fail? I searched for failed adapters, but didn't find process/procedure. TIA, Curtis

Hulu needs activating every few weeks

18 hours 28 min ago
Both my Romio and Mini loose the Hulu activatin every few weeks. This happens to both within a few hours of each other. If you reactivate them at about the same time they will deactivate at about the same time.

Has anyone else seen this?

Coach is set to return

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 22:35

Between this and the X-Files is gonna be looking more like the 90's. I liked Coach but I hope they modernize it some. No laugh tracks at least.

Frustrated with tivo stream

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 22:24
I got a tivo stream a week ago and and it reboots it's self when I am watching shows. Sometimes I can can watch a show for 30 minutes before it reboots but it reboots most of the time at 5 to 10 minutes of a show

Tivo stream and tivo roamio are both on a weird network on the same router.

Is there a way to fix this problem? Should I call tivo about it

Channel logos on guide?

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 13:33
Should I expect the channel graphics instead of the call sign?
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Some of Us Do Not Have HD

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 13:29
When I explore a movie that I want to watch and the Menu reads "Watch" VOD and I click it, well it takes me to VOD HD version of the movie while there is a SD version of the movie. Plus I would like to choose whether I want to watch a program is HD, not "if Possible" and I can not figure how to turn off the "If Possible" switch. The reason, TiVo does not show many HD programs and movies in widescreen version. I guess I am spoiled that my Comcast Motorola DVR does but doesn't have as many great features as TiVo. Anyway, I digress, I just wish I can access both SD and HD version from the programs/movies from the menu instead of have to go to Video Provider and search for the network to see if it is available. Some features should have been left alone. :mad: