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One Mini comes up but 2nd Mini won't work

5 hours 10 min ago
I installed a Roamio Plus and 2 Mini's this weekend. I've been a long time TiVo user, but this was my first experience with Moca.

The first mini came up fine, but everything went into the toilet on the 2nd mini which didn't want to connect to the internet. After several Roamio reboots it finally completed setup and worked ok. I then, installed the POE between the TWC splitter outside and the primary cable feed. I immediately noticed that the 2nd mini then started making a popping sound when changing channels then the video started breaking up and the unit spewed errors. I remove the POE which didn't help, so I reinstalled the POE.

In the room where the Roamio was set up, I had a 2 way splitter with 1 cable to the tuning adaptor and 1 to the cable modem. (TWC) I had a cable on the tuning adaptor out to the Roamio in.

TiVo tech support said that forcing MoCa through the tuning adaptor wasn't good, so I bought a 2 Ghz+ 4 way splitter. (Couldn't find a 3 way) I ran an independent coax line to the Roamio bypassing the tuning adaptor. The 4th port on the splitter was unused. (I hope that's not a problem)

After that the cable modem wouldn't connect to the internet which was a mystery, so I removed the POE again, and the internet came up, however the 2nd mini still didn't work.

In the diagnostic process with TiVo support I noted that signal strength was not good on the tuners (70-85%). After all this the signal strength returned to 95%. I'm suspicious of the POE as a cause for this.

So, could someone provide a recommendation for what to try next?

The Messengers

5 hours 26 min ago
New series on the CW on Friday nights. Without trying to post any spoilers, it seems like a mishmash of shows already airing (i.e., angels and the devil; you'll see the similarity to Sleepy Hollow in the 2nd episode).

Happyish S1E1 (4/26/15) [SPOILERS]

5 hours 35 min ago
I didn't read any of the descriptions of the show before I watched, and was surprised to see it listed as a drama on DirecTV. I had assumed from the promos that it was a comedy.

Not too impressed so far. I don't find the leads likeable or relatable. Maybe it's just me. The acting seems forced.

I can't imagine that Keebler would have given consent for the treatment of their brand icons in this show.

Maybe I'm the wrong demo for this show.

Game of Thrones S5E03 "High Sparrow" 04/26/2015

7 hours 6 min ago
Wow. Fantastic episode. I have a ton to say but short on time.

I will say this: Stannis saying that Stark was too honorable and that is what got him killed displayed a depth of character and nuance to his thinking that is completely out of character for him.

FS series 3 HD 1tb life time

12 hours 17 min ago

So since i upgraded to the Romio I don't have a need for this ..it has a new power supply the bottem of the cable card input has its eject button broken (the spring does not send the card out so I just pull out the card via a neddle nose plier.

The clock and every thing looks good and I will ship in original box (not a box in a box)

I would like to get $300 for it but I guess that is a bit unrealistic, so make me an offer that includes shipping

it will come with glow remote and a peanut remote as well as a wireless G adapter

TiVo Stream too slow when using OOH streaming

13 hours 1 min ago
Why is TiVo Stream so slow when streaming when away from home!?!? I'm trying to download a one hour show but it says it will take 3 hours.

I know it's not my home Internet since I can VPN home and download files at 6-7MB/s. It would probably be faster for me to grab my shows via kmttg and transfer them via Air Video HD or something else...

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Season Passes not recording

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 22:58
Very strange thing, I've added Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley to my season passes and both don't record. When I search for the shows in the guide they actually say "no upcoming episodes". Why does it lie and how do I fix this?:mad:

Tivo HD no way to deactivate Netflix

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 21:44
With the new top level menu as of 4/15 there is no way to deactivate Netflix on my Tivo HD. Does anyone know how? I've looked through every menu and I can't find anyway to do it. I do not want to do a factory reset to get rid of it do don't suggest that.

Incomplete Downloads

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 19:46
Hi Running the current version 1.1n. Seems as though there seems to be an increasingly common issue in that when I offload a recording from one of my Tivos to my pc the download appears to complete but in actuality stops at some point prior to the full file, in particular I notice that 60 minute recording seem to only transfer approx. 55 mins, not error message noted. Any idea how to address this or what may cause the issue. Thanks..

Why can't I delete shows in the download manager?

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 19:06
I'm trying to delete 3 passes in the download manager and it will not let me. How can I delete them?

I press clear and it and pick yes to cancel the series and it doesn't delete them.

Help with a mystery - no sound recording programs with TiVo

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 16:55
OK, here's a mystery I hope someone can solve cuz it's driving me crazy. Don't know if it's a TiVo issue of a cable issue.

My info: TiVo Series 2 (WISH I could afford to upgrade), Samsung 22" Flat screen model UN22F5000, Cisco Explorer 4642HDC digital box from Time Warner.

My tv finally gave up the ghost and crapped out on me so I upgraded and purchased an HD flat screen TV. After replacing my digital cable box with an HD on from Time Warner I hooked everything up and turned the TV on. Picture was grainy. And when I transferred a program from one room to the other, it had as very low volume (which could not be turned up) and even grainier picture. Not knowing what the problem was I called Time Warner and they sent out a technician. I honestly don't think the guy knew what he was doing. But he managed to change some cables around - connecting the TiVo to the TV with the audio / video cables (red, yellow and white ones) and telling me to watch the HD via AV source, not TV. This worked! Perfect picture. The sound problem I fixed by putting the volume up all the way on the TV (unable to adjust volume of the cable box) and plugging in a pair of computer speakers and turning up and down the volume in my room that way.

The Mystery: Now some of the shows I record are muted. The TV is NOT muted and it doesn't happen EVERY recording. It's a crap shoot if it'll record with sound. With the recordings that are muted, I have not been watching to know if the TV is muted when recording or if there's sound but records muted. I've made some changes to the cables hoping to fix this issue.The TV is now connect via the audio / video cables AND the coaxial cable. When I first looked I saw that the A&V cable was only going IN on the TiVo box and OUT from the TV so I also connected another set of A&V cable to go from the TiVo to the Cable box. None of this fixed the problem. Still record muted sometimes. I checked my suggestion folder. I had three programs recorded back to back. I checked the top one (recorded 8 - 9 am) and it had sound. I checked the next one down (7 - 8 am) it had NO sound.

Is this a TiVo issue or a Cable issue? I have no idea. This all started after I purchased and connected the flat screen . Can it be the Cable's issue? But it's TiVo that does the recordings so is it a TiVo issue? I'm at a loss....

Anyone have any ideas?

Roamio does not record scheduled shows, no conflict

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 14:04
Mostly my Roamio is working as expected, but for couple of shows I just can't get it to record them properly.

For these shows
- there is no conflict (in fact it is the only show to be recorded at that time)
- I temporarily set it to record all (new and old, all seasons) - just to make sure that I am not somehow inadvertently restricting what is to be recorded
-there is no double checkmark ever present for any episode(in upcoming)
- the show will record if I manually force it - in such a case the option will be "record again" which makes absolutely no sense because it is a first showing, with a future date, so there is no way it could have been recorded previously

I really don't know what is going on here - I never had this problem with my old tivo

Add a box, pay double?

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 12:56
I have a Premiere XL to record OTA now and am considering a second box in our RV. The RV box would be for both OTA or campground-provided cable. I just wanted to confirm that if I add a second box I have to pay another full subscription for that box, there is no multi-unit discount? About $28? Seems a crazy price per month for a programming guide. TIA

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TiVo App: Any way to set up a manual recording?

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 10:56
Nascar was rained out yesterday and I forgot to set a manual recording for its rescheduled time today (doesn't show in the guide.) Now I'm at work and tried to find a manual recording option in the TiVo App but could not find it. Am I blind or is there not an option for it?

Thanks for the help.

Premier Lifetime for $99 or Roamio OTA?

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 09:43
Been on UVerse for a couple of years and Tivo just sent me a letter offering to get lifetime on my old Premier for $99. I actually have 2 premier's (one I've never used) in the attic, wondering if they'll give me the same deal on the second one too.

I've been thinking about going back to OTA for a while now anyway so here's my question to you all: should stick with the Premier(s) or is the $50 Roamio OTA that much of a better machine (even with it's $15/mo fee) that I should just go that way?

pyTiVo - Automation?

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 08:12
I'm sure others have been down this path; I'm just not sure where to begin my search.

Here's my situation:

1. I acquire video content from a number of sources using manual and automated means
2. This content is stored under a common parent folder (ex: \Media\)
3. I currently use pyTiVo to manually push selected content to my TiVo
4. I then manually perform the necessary housekeeping to remove old content from \Media folders

So, here is my automation question - Is this something like this possible?:

1. Periodically scan the \Media folder structure for newly arrived programs
2. When found, Automatically push to TiVo using pyTiVo
3. Kill the programs from \Media folder upon transfer
4. Rinse-Repeat on a schedule

Any suggestions or pointers are welcome.


Premiere Elite/XL4 with Lifetime & Extra Remote

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 06:47
This little guy served me well. $419.99 buy it now on ebay.


New Mini remote wont work!!

Sun, 04/26/2015 - 01:41
I'm not having much luck with my new Mini. I can't get MoCa going (as I have stated in another post) and now the remote stopped working. It won't even light up. I tried new batteries and nothing. Can anyone offer some help?

Amazing Race did NOT record.

Sat, 04/25/2015 - 23:48
For some reason I can NOT get the Amazing Race to record ANYMORE.

For 2 years I have had a Season pass now One Pass for this show.

The other day I thought it didn't air because nothing taped.

I find out it DID air and the Tivo just didn't record it.

I go to the history and to do list and NOTHING is there for this show. I check all the settings and everything is correct.

So I cancel the Pass and create a new one, After the new one is created it does NOT show the show in the to do list.

It also is my number 1 show in my list to make sure there are no conflicts.

What's going on?

Also, no recordings for this program show up in history anywhere. Nothing in History or To do list. However the past recordings are still in the box either in guide or in deleted. There is just no log of the recordings.

Can't connect to MoCa

Sat, 04/25/2015 - 23:09
Hello everyone, I have a brand new Roamio Plus and 2 Tivo Minis. I can't connect to MoCa on the Mini. I have a direct Ethernet connection from the Router to the Roamio. I have MoCa enabled on the Roamio. I have the POE filter installed where the cable comes into the house but MoCa will not work. I tried a Powerline adapter and was able to finish the Mini setup but it says it cant find the Living Room DVR (what I named the Roamio). This is very frustrating. I really want to use MoCa. Can anyone guide me here? Thanks!!!