What is the TiVo HD DVR, and what can I do with it?


The TiVo® HD DVR is the ultimate HDTV companion, maximizing your cable experience by combining the clarity of High Definition with the Emmy Award-winning TiVo service. Designed as a universal cable box replacement that works seamlessly with any cable provider, the TiVo HD DVR also includes exclusive TiVo service features such as Movie & TV Downloads through Amazon Unbox, Home Movie Sharing and universal Swivel Search®, delivering the best of broadband video directly to the television set right alongside your favorite broadcast programs.
Here's what you can do with your TiVO HD DVR:

  • Control cable HDTV with record, pause, rewind and fast-forward
  • Record up to 20 hours in HD (or 180 hours in SD)
  • Download thousands of movies from Amazon Unbox directly to your TiVo box*
  • Search, record and watch shows in HD
  • Schedule your favorite shows online
  • Universal cable box replacement designed to work with any cable provider**
  • Automatically record every episode of your favorite show
  • Listen to your MP3 collection and view your digital photos on TV*

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What is the future of the DirecTV TiVo?


The original DirecTV HR10-250 TiVo must now be viewed as a legacy device as it can only record and view the small amount of remaining MPEG-2 DirecTV programming. DirecTV now has over 100 national channels, plus the top ~50 local TV markets all presented in MPEG-4 HDTV which cannot be recorded on an HR10-250.

After the 2003 acquisition of DirecTV by Rupert Murdoch, DirecTV announced the dissolution of their partnership with TiVo and introduced their own competing DVRs developed by Murdoch's partner company NDS. The NDS-designed standard definition DirecTV DVR was released in October 2005 and the High Definition NDS DVR followed in 2006. In light of this news, TiVo invested heavily in CableCard-powered TiVos that work with all digital cable systems, as well as putting TiVo software on existing Comcast hardware. During this interim of five years, the DirecTV HR HDTV DVR models (which are not TiVo-powered) caught up with the functionality (if not the ease of user interface) of the TiVo platform.


In 2009, DirecTV renewed their partnership with TiVo and now, in 2011, have introduced a new combined TiVo® HD DirecTV product called the THR22-100. This new TiVo, which is running on the HR22-100 NDS hardware platform, became available to customers on December 8, 2011 in selected markets for $199 with 2 year contract, and is expected to go nationwide in 2012. The new unit lacks many of the new features introduced to the TiVo platform over the last 5 years including Home Media Sharing, Youtube, Netflix, Multi Room Viewing, etc.


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How do I upgrade or expand the drive in my TiVo?


This FAQ is divided into four sections: (I) Summary of Expansion Options, (II) Introduction, (III) Officially Supported External Drives, (IV) Unsupported External Drives, and (V) Internal Drive Upgrades. This FAQ is a work in progress; if there is a question you feel should be added, or there is an answer that should be expanded or clarified, please post.
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