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I'm buying a TiVo just for you

It's become apparent from this thread that I need a Series 2 to test on. So, I've just ordered one. It should be free after rebate, but there's still the service charge. Since I only need it for this project, if you'd like to help defray the cost, please consider donating via PayPal to the address in the documentation. (That's this same username at

Just ten people donating $10, or twenty donating $5, would pay for my year's subscription.

Current donations: $102.00



Update on January 12, 2009 (with donations at $102):

I've met my original goal. However:

- I also spent $25 on a TiVo Desktop Plus license, just so I could study its "push" capability to try and get it into pyTivo. (A couple of the donations I've already received were actually specified as for this, so technically I haven't quite met my original goal after all.)

- My year's worth of service on the Series 2 is about to expire. I still use it almost exclusively to test my HME projects and pyTivo.

- My old laptop has just died, which means I no longer have a working Windows system (just Linux and Mac). Even before that, I didn't have a Vista system. I'm a Linux guy, so I wouldn't care for myself, but I need Windows to test on to support you, the users.

Minor points:

- My Mac is a G4 Mini running 10.4. I can't test Intel or 10.5. But I expect that doesn't matter all that much.

- Even my main Linux system has shown signs of ailing recently. I list this as a minor point because I'll replace it regardless of donations.

So, for all these reasons, your contributions are still welcome.

New donations: $140.00 and a Windows computer!


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