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Originally Posted by moyekj View Post
For series 4 and later if you just use the "RPC for NPL" option there is no 2 step process to get NPL listings. For series 3 there is.
Yes, this was on a Series 3. I don't really see my situation as an problem now that I know how it works.

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Question one: Transfer speed question here... Just out of curiosity. WTF determines it? Sometimes, during the day, when I am pulling stuff in TS format off my Roamio Plus on my gigabit network, I just get barely 90Mbps. I've gotten speeds near 200Mbps at other times. First, I thought it was because it was after a reboot, all my tuners were on the same channel, recording just one buffer, etc. That is clearly not the case. At the moment I am getting a steady 190Mbps from my Roamio Plus, connected wired to my gigabit router, over the air 5.0GHz AC to my laptop. While simultaneously recording 4 shows on my Roamio. It always seem slower during the day. There is tons of 2.4GHz interference where I am (in an apt building), but just one or two other 5GHz networks.

This is combined download/decrypt with TivoLibre in both cases. Anybody have any clue as to how to maximize this? Doesn't really matter, because this isn't anywhere close to the bottleneck in my pipeline, compared to qsfix/addetect/adcut being diskbound, and endode being cpubound.

Question two: Anyone with a computer that has an Nvidia card AND Intel graphics manage to get TivoLibre to use the latter for decode? I've got drop down options letting me choose to use Nvidia or Intel Integrated Graphics when I launch apps. Both are available. When I run Archivo, it SAYS it is using hardware, and the log file says it is, but handbrake in its case is using ffpmeg on my CPU, based on analysis.

On my workstation and server that don't have integrated Intel graphics, fine. Let the multi-core Xeons churn away. I haven't been able to figure out a way to get my laptop to use its 5th gen i5-5200 (Intel HD 5500 integrated graphics). Based on responses in various threads, this should be faster when transcoding to mp4 than my Xeons. I'd love if I could get that working. I suppose I could try disabling the NVidia 950M GTX card in BIOS, or even pulling it, if that's possible. This is an ASUS gaming laptop.

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One note on the above post: even if all of the tuners are on the same channel, the TiVo is still recording a live buffer for each one.

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